Vacuum Powder Transfer for Packing Line

Filquip has designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a new vacuum suction feeder system with buffer hopper to provide milk powders into a can filling machine.

The following Filquip equipment package was provided for this system:

  • SF4551: 51mm Venturi Suction Feeder and Suction Wand to provide vacuum wand conveying of up to 2m3/hr of milk powder up into the buffer hopper
  • 150L SS304 Receiver Hopper with VBS Aerators and OT8 Vibration Flow aids on the cone.
  • Hopperjet 24VDc Dust Collector / Vent with Automated Reverse Pulse filter cleaning
  • V2FS200.AI Pneumatically Actuated Butterfly Valve with 24VDC coil for controlling the flow of product from the buffer into the existing auger filling machine below.

  SF Suction Venturi Feeder


Suction Feeders

Filquip is a supplier of the SF series of Vacuum Suction Feeders which are also known as Ring-Jets of Air Venturis. These SF units are capable of moving granules, powders and liquids using the vacuum force generated by the unit.Suction Feeder Wand Transfer SystemPlastic pellet vacuum feeder

The Filquip SF Suction Feeders do no require any electricity and operate on compressed air alone. The specially designed internal high speed jets create a venturi motive air stream creating the suction for conveying the product.

  • Available in a range of sizes from 19mm bore to 51mm bore with throughputs up to 3.2m3/hr.
  • Used to pump liquids, granules or powders.
  • Manufactured from high grade aluminum alloy with Stainless Steel versions available.
  • Small footprint size. Convenient for transport and single person operation.
  • Simple installation, the only requirement is to connect compressed airline into the push-in connection socket on the feeder body.

The following table of data for the Filquip Suction Feeder Models is based on conveying dry granules such as Corn, Coffee Beans or Poly Beads.

Part Number Suction Feeder Air Connection Air Consumption @ 5bar Recommended Compressor Size Vacuum Pressure Maximum Throughput @ 2m (Dry Granules)
SF25-AL-KIT 25mm 8mm 0.6 Nm³/min 5.5kW 15kPa 0.6m³/hr
SF25-SS-KIT 25mm 8mm 0.6 Nm³/min 5.5kW 15kPa 0.6m³/hr
SF38-AL-KIT 38mm 12mm 1.3 Nm³/min 7.5kW 10kPa 1.8m³/hr
SF38-SS-KIT 38mm 12mm 1.3 Nm³/min 7.5kW 10kPa 1.8m³/hr
SF51-SS-KIT 51mm 16mm 1.6 Nm³/min 11kW 6kPa 3m³/hr
Maximum conveying distance 5m


Part Number Suction Feeder Suction Nozzle Hose (Food Grade) T-Bolt Clamp Stainless Steel Ball Valve Straight Adaptor Nylon Tubing Quick Coupler
SF25-AL-KIT Aluminium 25mm (1) 25mm (1) 25mm (4mtrs) 32-35mm (4) 1/4″ (1) 8mm x 1/4″ (1) 8mm (3) 1/4″ Nitto (1)
SF25-SS-KIT Stainless Steel 25mm (1) 25mm (1) 25mm (4mtrs) 32-35mm (4) 1/4″ (1) 8mm x 1/4″ (1) 8mm (3) 1/4″ Nitto (1)
SF38-AL-KIT Aluminium 38mm (1) 38mm (1) 38mm (4mtrs) 44-47mm (4) 1/2″ (1) 12mm x 1/2″ (1) 12mm (3) 1/2″ Nitto (1)
SF38-SS-KIT Stainless Steel 38mm (1) 38mm (1) 38mm (4mtrs) 44-47mm (4) 1/2″ (1) 12mm x 1/2″ (1) 12mm (3) 1/2″ Nitto (1)
SF51-SS-KIT Stainless Steel 51mm (1) 51mm (1) 51mm (5mtrs) 56-59mm (4) 1/2″ (1) 16mm x 1/2″ (1) 16mm (3) 1/2″ Nitto (1)


Filquip Suction Feeder Setup Instructions



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